That's Life by Serge

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Off Season by Serge

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That's Life
by Serge

Album: Off Season

Verse 1
So I stayed up late last night
Till about 3 in the mornin', watching Martin
On YouTube, kinda do that often
My stomach telling me, "hey man I'm starvin'"
So I hop up in my '95, looking for a medium fry
Two apple pies with a drink on the side
Double cheeseburger with some bacon
I ball so hard with a budget of five
And I'm just waiting for my paycheck
Tryna figure out what I gotta pay next
Man I hate that
I just drive a little fast but I don't speed
But I couldn't tell that to the police
Now i got another ticket dropped in my hand
In a court line setting up a pay plan
Not a pay plan, that was the third time
Why not spend a day in this long line?
On top of that, got a nail in my tire
And I know my debit card getting tired
Of being swiped but come on little guy
Gotta make sure Daddy's car tag don't expire
Puttin in 40 hours at this hotel
I'm so stressed out but I'm like, oh well
I could just complain or make mango lemonade

Cause that's life, so what
You cry, you love
The sky goes gray
But we ain't gotta wait for the storm to pass
Man let's go dance in the rain

Verse 2
It goes car insurance, phone bill, light bill, rent due
Fill the tank once a week. Wanna eat? Gotta pay for food
Got a girl you gotta take her out
Really I'm just tryna go to Denny's
Or we could do that 2 for 20
If you want then we could slide to Chili's
Then she probably gone want desert
Check came it's a little higher than what you thought
Now you thinking, "Shoulda just got that appetizer"
Sundays you in church offering plate coming to your side
Getting nervous and you hesitate, thinking man should I pay my tithes
Then it's back to that 9 to 5 , Working hard barely getting by
Mondays, Adam probably fell on a Monday between 9 to 5
On the real though, life is hard
Life is hard and full of pain
The sun shines but most times for me at least it's mostly rain
But he made it so we make it if you trust in him
Trials and tribulations they gone come but we stay stuck to him
Then when he comes back he gonna make it how it's supposed to be
But until then guess this life for now will have a hold on me
Hold on


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