Deliver Us by Shachah

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Let The Light In by Shachah

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Deliver Us
by Shachah

Album: Let The Light In

Hey yo Wells I gotta get something off my chest
What's good Bren shoot man you know how we do
They're just injecting this poison into the ears today with the music
I know what you mean man its music, it's television it's the internet, it's ridonculous man yeah it's baņanas, what can we do though
You know what we gotta do fam, we gotta pray

In times designed to blind the lines and fade away
People day-to-day losing sight and Lord we pray
That you would bring the change that we seek in Jesus' Name
Separate unto Yourself a people un-ashamed

Verse 1:
I'm feeling like Moses not eloquent to speak
Screaming let my people go from the hold that you keep
The pharaoh of this day has control over these
Young innocent lives and their minds are asleep
They need to be needed scream for attention
The media feeds on the young and the desperate
Injecting deception found in the message
Spread in a form that they love and connect with (The Music)
It's so crazy stop and listen to the words that they serve
And allure the kids with the beats so hot and the flows persistent
But the heart of it all will express the intent they invent
New ways to get sex from the internet, myspace, to live chats
Then deliver it by waves and like slaves a generation lost in the masquerade Lord please

Verse 2:
Ay Give me the Joshua give me the war
Give me the faith march seven times give me the fall
People of this age say man give me it all
And the reality shows we ain't winning at all we sinning and all
Throwing the rock with one hand remote in the other hand
Just flipping the box setting the clocks to watch steroidal jocks
It's hard to stop when summed under the power of the (Boob-tube)
Not just the music alone cause it's the television
The way the movement is going we call it hella-vision
Evil walks right out the screen and through the eye gate
HD high death channels at a high rate
God we need you to break into the system show the real drama
Action and the sitcom baptize disciple and equip them cause we
Don't even realize we the victim

Deliver us in need of a touch stuck in a rut but enough is enough Lord Please
(Revive the minds of your people)
Lord please oh yeah
(Remove the blinds so we can see you)
Deliver us from evil amongst your people we need you to rule over us Lord please
(You reign supreme You're majestic)
Lord please
(The prince of peace when it is hectic)

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