Art Vandelay by Social Club, Canon

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Summer of George by Social Club

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Art Vandelay
by Social Club, Canon

Album: Summer of George

Verse 1: MartyMar
I got 5 labels they all trying to sign me
But why do we need you? Can you please remind me?
I go so hard they want to find me
My gang so large when you see us it'll look like zombies
I'm trying to just make it, or just make it right
I haven't slept in days and I'm not sure I'mma make my flight
There's levels to this game, you've gotta pay the price
But rappers think it's easy like just we made it overnight
And Fernie told me before we started
"These kids are dying out here plus I'm about to be a father."
Then she came, but nothing changed, we just seemed to work harder
Cause we seeing lives changed every single time at concerts
I wonder if we grew up too fast
Rappers saying they the best, dont tell my crew that
We just getting started, and we not gonna leave
But what's success when my own family won't talk to me?

Hook x2
Look at us, look, this is all from favor, baby
Put in that work, never skipping levels, baby
Foundations strong, sturdy what we standing on
Feeling like we wealthy, and we not talking Giuseppe

Verse 2: F.E.R.N.
In the building brother no doorman, man
We the blueprint brother no floorplan, plan
Y'all been trying to do what we're doing lately, lately
But it's cool The Lord said keep moving baby, baby
Stephen Wiley all in my tape deck
Young boy just dreaming bout making it
18 left church brother and I'm in the hood
Rappin since 12 I'm a legend in my hood
I did my time spit rhymes like no other
I had Robby, I had Life we were all brothers, all brothers
Seven zeros that faculty
Pardon me I'm just reminiscing be glad for me
All for the fact that my daughters living up happily
Were the ones, social club done flipped the game and y'all know it
This that fire coming from a credible source and y'all loving the fact it's anointed
Up to the heavens I'm pointing
Crisp plaid shorts and a pair of air Jordans
I love The Lord and I love the fact when I die I know where I'm going
Fernie talk

Hook x2

Canon R.M.G. Social Club Misfit Gang collaboration
I'm in this, we win this, R.M.G

I got real wealth, no lucky charm treasures
I'm sipping the cup of living water to make my nerves better
This world is a bad chick, her soul is cold forever
We may be close for now, but trick we ain't together
Been sick of survival stresses, so tired tired of life depressions
I wanna walk her down the aisle, but I don't do frozen sections
Since life woulda brought me down, no tool can turn me up
If joy was so delicious, her charm was out of luck, yuck
But I'm feelin' so good, I'm lovin' my days
I'm chuckin' the spirit, I'm high off the clouds
Up, up in the sky, higher than planes
I'm talkin about life, I'm thinkin' about change
I tell her what's good, she tell me what ain't
Consider our differences, life ain't the same
Where everything and everyone stays the same, ??
Wealth ain't always pride and selfish gain
I own a whip and a chain, but I ain't never been no slave
I tell 'em, Canon R.M.G. and Social Club Misfit Gang
Up in this I got everything ?? hoping you somebody else with the same business

I'm feelin' so wealthy, feelin' so wealthy, feelin' so wealthy oh

Hook x2

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