Not My Own by Stephen the Levite, Phanatik, Evangel

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Not My Own
by Stephen the Levite, Phanatik, Evangel

Album: Entermission - Bonus Tracks
by Stephen the Levite, Phanatik, Evangel


"That's cuz I'm on mission, but not my own mission!" (Mac the Duolos adlib repeated 4Xs)
Stephen The Levite:
We see the mission beginning in Genesis 3
Adam and Eve eat from the tree
and God comes down and get wit His peeps
possibly even bodily, walkin in the Garden
the pre- incarnate Christ extending God's pardon
scholars call it De Pro?? Euongellion,
God givin the Gospel and man's first rebellion
Audibly in His talk about a offspring, I would argue its also visual in His offering
Thru an innocent beast he brought peace
Providing a better offering for their bodies than fig leaves
The implications are deep but don't sleep
the model is set to follow, repeat the technique
so the mission is God's and not ours
it's also part of His steez, we serve a missional God
the sent One who sends sons and daughters
to represent the Son who was slain, and will slaughter!
(Eric Mason excerpt)
Steve's right, the Levite, he spoke it well
What more could I say, what could ya bol hope to tell?
Well, guess we could go back a little further
and provide some background data that you probably never heard of (go head)
Word up, back before the beginning
before the world where Satan put the Lord's sentencing
creation waited with baited breath for God to breathe Word
eternity would pass before "Let there be" could be heard
as that timeless time passed by, in the mind of the Most High
flashes of ideas shined (like what?), Let's slay a man, Let's save a man
then make a man who needs the Lamb
then send the Lamb down thru the man's family line
(brilliant!) that was the illest decision,
and the basis for gracing us with the realest Commision
if you're with the mission tell Him yes or no
but let your "yeas" be "yea" baby, ready set go!
(Eric Mason excerpt)
Listen, our mission as Christians is to stay soul fishing/
faithful to the Great Co-Mission
not open eyelids, flabbergast, that's a task for God
cuz sinful hearts has its gas, like hybrids
being missionary- minded we're blinded
it's by grace, we can't state "Look at what I did!"
that's with pun intent, we preach fear of the punishment
the sheep cannot hear unless one is sent
the Word that none applaud, perfect Son of God
came here to make His voice heard like a monologue
three nails held Him high, to tell us why
that hammerin had Him stammerin, "T-telisti"
finished work we ain't sellin lies, tellin guys
three days later it well applies, this Fella rised
we make it clear like boisterous hollerin
call Him and His sheep hear His voice and are followin!

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