Dum Dum by Tedashii, Lecrae

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Worship 01 by Hibis Campos

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Dum Dum
by Tedashii, Lecrae

Album: Worship 01

Real Skinny
Loud Color Tenni's
Body marked Up Like Graffiti
I don't push a Maserati, Beamer, Benz or Bentley
And yeah I rode a ford, at least I look spiffy
Go ahead and doubt us, what you know about us
We aint gotta follow them (No), we take another route
No we aint blowin trees bro, open up my window
I see you poppin tags, but you know that's why yo ends low
I tried to tell em we was comin', go on, let us in
Why they hatin' like we all a bunch of Hooligans?
No Gimmicks, Spirit in my lyrics
Know when people hear it they gon' love or they fear it
And how we flow, when we show up at a show
They say we go S.O. hard in the paint, they can't wait for some moe'
But some others say we preachin', some close-minded teachin'
Like we aint heard of Marx life, and Niche, Believe me

Eh, They Don't know about us, they don't, they don't know about us
They, They, they don't know about us, they don't know about
They think we Dum, Dum Diddy Dum, Dum
But they Gon' know, they gon' know about us
They gon' know about us, they gon' know about us
Oh they gon' know about us, they gon' know about us

6,2,2 plus, go on add it up
(Hey, that's a big problem, call it Calculus)
Math on some track, but content like I had enough
Long hair, don't care, Samoan plus I'm tatted up
I know this blow ya mind, and I aint blowin pine
Not talkin' women lookin skimpy every otha line
Yeah, I got a dime, about to make her mine
Life in Christ got me finished like a crossed a line
With the way that you're telling me to sell, sell out
Nah man it's so foolish, done tryin to be you and don't fit
Mis-fit, I don't trip, everybody hate Chris
They sayin get with this, just like a membership
They talkin' slick like this is it, but it's just gibberish
I say I'm interested, they say 'you different'
Oh, you gon' know even if you don't let us in


Dum on em, dum on em, like I could be
Dum on em, dum on em, like you should be
Dum on em, dum on em, like I would be
Dum on em, dum on em, yeah that's cool with me

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