Paradise by Tedashii, Tauren Wells

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Below Paradise by Tedashii

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by Tedashii, Tauren Wells

Album: Below Paradise

Verse 1: Tedashii
The day that we met I tell you no lie
I'll never forget, it's stuck in my mind
Yea, a love so real it brought tears to my eyes
Didn't care who was around, couldn't keep it inside
All my feelings on the real, man I'm lettin' 'em show
Sharing this straight from my heart and I'm lettin' it flow
And anybody askin' questions I'm lettin' 'em know
And if they hate it, can't embrace it, I'm lettin' 'em go
My heart was broken till you rode in and made it alright
Every word lifts me higher, it's like I can fly
But your words keep me grounded, I'm down for life
And if you say we need to get it I ride tonight
And yea you never hear me say that I'm leavin'
And there is no one else I want so please believe me
And don't you ever leave me, I know you never will
Life wouldn't be the same, or remain, be sustained, it would change

Hook: Tauren Wells
What's paradise, if you're not there?
What's paradise, with nobody to share?
Cause I could have it all, but I don't care
If I don't have you
Then what's the point of paradise?
Paradise (x3)
No (x6)

Verse 2: Tedashii
What this is doesn't work without you
If you're not there then I don't wanna be too
I need you, more than I want you
I want what you have
This thing is forever, I'm down to make it last
But forever's no endeavor
If you're not there with me to share it worth havin'
It's drab lacks compassion
Couldn't bare it
I want you all the time and I
Couldn't handle it if you are not around
So I'm spendin' all my time to get to know you
Readin' all your love letters to feel closer to you
When I'm distant, you persistent, you pullin' me through
I wouldn't make it, like creation, not talking to you
Me with you, now that's an upgrade
Every time you step on the scene, I get upstaged
But you deserve that, right on the front page
I tell 'em all, don't sleep so I be up late


Verse 3: Tedashii
I could never be without you
Lead without you
I come alive but you couldn't breathe without you
Whatever you need, best believe I got you
I'll see you in paradise


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