Chase by Tedashii, Tim Halperin

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Below Paradise by Tedashii

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by Tedashii, Tim Halperin

Album: Below Paradise

Hook - Tim Halperin:
I will go chasing you
Trusting you
Hope in you
Forever, forever, oh

Verse 1 - Tedashii:
When I first held you I cried
If I would have known a year later I wouldn't have you in this life
I would've never let you go, just held you close
One of the few things that really mattered to me most
Seems unfair how life treats us down here
We grow attached to the very people that can disappear
I would do anything to have you back again
One more smile, just one more kiss
To hear you cry when you don't get your way
I never knew to cherish that and now it seems to late
At least it feels that way, how I'll never forget
How I'll keep holding on until I see you again

Bridge - Tim Halperin:
You give, and you take, through it all I will chase after your heart
Not your head, when my heart don't understand

Hook x2

Verse 2 - Tedashii:
In the morning I would play with you
Your smile would be the only thing to help me make it through
So many things I want to say to you
But I guess that Heaven couldn't wait for you
I dreamed of a life that would last past mine
Now when I wake up I wish that I could stop time
He gives and takes away, what more can I say?
I just trust and hope that he'll make everything ok
I know there's never been a day that he didn't love me
Even now it's hard to see, but he's there above me
And every time I think about it I know your with him
So I keep holding on until I see you again

Hook x3

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