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Identity Crisis by Tedashii

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by Tedashii

Album: Identity Crisis

Verse 1 (Tedashii):
Remember when we were kids/saying things that were did/
By me and you but too ashamed to admit that th-th-they were fibs/
Sippin' on Mr. Pibb/playing with neighbors kids/
And I front to fall asleep/so I could chill at your crib/
House parties like play and kid/listening to Gangster Nip/
Tripping off Ghetto Boys/how they mind kept playing tricks/
Hide and seek with my sisters friends/Tonight like DJ Quick/
Natural born sinners slowly loosing our innocence/
This was all just the start of it/like working with a starter kit/
I went from bad to worse when I saw Cube put on that Starter fit/
Pressure started marching in/cause all my friends were part it/
It seduced me even more/like a girl who plays hard to get/
"Cool" gave my heart a kiss/told me, give my all to this/
Did it all/so I felt obligated to be part of this/
Anything to garner this/stardom that was hard to miss/
Fartherless, so Hollywood guided, through the dark abyss/

Hook (Rozie Turner):
Stepped in the cineplex/just passed the Cinnabon fin to see what's playing next/(yes)
(HEY) I got my butter and my popcorn/my crew is with me and we feeling like it's not wrong/
Like it's so cool to watch upcoming attractions, blinded by the distractions/Don't be so complacent/
with cheap imitations/need godly inspiration so we can't replace it, with HOLLYWOOD/

Verse 2 (Tedashii):
Remember when we were kids/saying things that were did/
By me and you but too ashamed to admit that th-th-they were fibs/
Hooping up at the gym/lust had us chasing Kim/
Acting hard but riding clean bumping that BoysIIMen/
Watching the latest films/Quote it and take it in/
Lustful flesh/had us actin gangsta like Doughboy did/
Lived like them/boys in the hood but stayed trill/
Out the Tre, so you can say I'm Furious Styles kid/
My Love Jones was shai/but my Justice was Poetic/
All I needed was the Juice/and then my Blues would be Mo' Better/
I would listen to the Preacher's Wife/but I'd go back like Boomerang/
My set would Set It Off and we'd be right back in that New Jack swang/
Pride of Life had me like O-Dog and Higher Learning guided me/
Momma said Lean On Me/but I'm a Menace to Society/
All that "drama" mixed with sinning, the women with them in linen/
Seem to spark a cycle unrivaled and never ending (ending)/


Verse 3 (Tedashii):
I been learning from this teacher, since/I was in the nursery/
A victim of its preaching cause she said she'd give the world to me/
At least that's what I thought I heard/Hollywood was celebrated/
She could easily mess up the lines of real and imitation/
And like Adam, we ate the fruit of prideful racketeering/
Just so we could all see Eve without the leaves/and bangled earrings/
It's the lies that they tell you, you start to believe/
And if truth is what you make it/then you're ready to receive/
A slave to the trade/sinful ways cause of this artistry/
Until I met the One, who was knocking at my hearts entry/
Some say He's unattractive when compared to the glitz and glam/
But, I was glad to look behind the bush to see a ram/
Who set me free from sin, along with false identity/
Because until we know the Savior, God is our enemy/
So don't let the world and its devices, advise you/
Instead trust the truth of the Father found in the bible/

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