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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
5:46 in the morning tossing and turning cause I'm worried about if we gone break up in the morning
When I see her after class cause I messed up big, for two days I made her mad this got me stressed out kid
And even though we're still together it seems I'm losing her heart, it's like every time I disappoint her we grow further apart
Why does this seem to be the norm for life? I've gone through life feeling the blame of losing love cause I wronged the right
Dawg, I promise I know that I'm not perfect man and my life, it's the reason why churches stand
But it doesn't help when I'm a hurting man, those closest to me call me a burden man
Because their thoughts for me, a sinner, because they bought for me a dinner, I feel indebted, I mean their hugs are even costing me
Some feel the boss of me, and if I buck they tossing me, awfully I feel rejected, this loves killing me softly

It was love unconditional that bought me back, it was love unconditional that made me accepted
It was love unconditional that taught me that my salvation is the proof that I'm never rejected
It was love unconditional that gave me grace, it was love unconditional that made me accepted
It was love unconditional He took my place, my salvation is the proof that I'm never rejected

Verse 2:
Between my girl and this world it seems I'll never get it right, even pastor seems to reject me when I'm absent Wednesday night
I watch my girl ignore me, then my boys abhor me, and even my own family not get their way and act sorely
Surely there's a love for me, even though I trip and fall short of the place I'm supposed to be
But after years of this kind of love and tears that'll drown a tub, I just learn to accept, by people this is how I'm loved
But somehow when I ran to the Father to give my hand to the Father, and stand in the Father I put the ways of a man on the Father
And I began believing His love was conditional and that I had to work to earn that just to get in good with God
Of course I believed He could save my soul, but I was having problems believing He could make me whole
For too many years I lived with people who made me earn love, but as a Christian I learned I needed to relearn love


Verse 3:
His love is unconditional, unlike the unoriginal, He took the unforgiveable, gave us His Son's positional
See we were dead to the Father because of our actions we fled from the Father indulging in the sin that kept us dead to the Father
But God who is rich in mercy and love made us alive with Christ and to His position raised us up
So that means God accepts me cause He sees me in Christ and He'll never reject me, His love's not the seasonal type
And since my works didn't save me then my work can't sustain me unlike man I learned I don't need works for Him to take me
He made me to love me, He made you to love you, He's always been there just look at what you've come through
Don't make God to be a man see I fell into Satan's plan and believed the lie no one loves me for who I am
But no longer will I live in that prison but instead believe the fact I'm loved cause of the fact that I'm forgiven

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