The Hunted by The Insyderz

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Fight of My Life by The Insyderz

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The Hunted
by The Insyderz

Album: Fight of My Life
by The Insyderz

I'm hiding in my secret place
Built up in my mind
Searching for the rest that I can never find
My wrists held with metal
Shackled to the floor
Torture like this I've never seen before
I dream about revenge
And how sweet it will be
When you're locked up in this cage
Staring back at me
The colors fade to black darker than my sin
I cannot give up now I cannot just give in
I'm wrestling with a beast
I cannot see his face
He spits on me and does not care
He puts me in my place
His dictatorship is vile
His kingdom built on pain
Pure evil poured on everyone
Is how he plays his game

Psychotic, deranged, crazy, insane
Poke me with a stick I'm locked up in this tiny cage
You have me I'm yours treat me how you will
With hate and fear until emotion I don't feel
You bellow and laugh, turn your head away
And with a snap of the chains
Now you become the prey
The shifting of your eyes
The shadows my disguise
Stumbling while you run
But you can never hide
The terror begins, the hunt is on
The tables seemed to turn
I hear the scary song
Or is it just the score
Of this movie gone astray
You've had my soul on layaway
And now you're gonna pay

Darkness and evil surround me
As the hunt begins
Good vs. evil
Me and you round one of Armageddon
I'm coming your way so hurry
Releasing God

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