Brag On My Lord by Trip Lee

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Brag On My Lord
by Trip Lee

Album: Brag On My Lord - Deluxe Single

We don't wanna waste our time braggin' on small pleasures, you know?
We wanna brag on the greatest treasure
So go ahead Trip...brag on

Okay...let me brag

Can I brag on my Lord?
Go and brag on 'em Trip (x3)
Let me brag on my Lord

Yeah he's hotter than fires
We roll with the flyest
He touch me and I change kinda like he's King Midas
He rolled with 300 way before Leonidas
He hold me down, I call him Your Highness...Get it?

I heard other faith groups
Talkin' 'bout they were the lightest
But the Father's portioned to Christ
He's gotta bias
He never does it quite the way we think
He's got surprises, our eyes is
Focused on him so we fired up
And we wired

He took us out the dirt
Grimy muck and the mire
Addicted to his grace
And I call him my supplier
Then we call him Most High
Cause ain't nobody higher
King Jesus we not sleepin' on him
All nighter

No he's not Elijah
Greater than Jeremiah
He's the best
Hear the crowd screaming from the risers
Been workin' for eternity but never been hired
He's on his Brett Favre
You can't make him retire

(Brag on Him)
I'm still goin' can't quiet us
The Light of The World, nobody's brighter, I try to
Emulate his walk, I aint original I strive to
Copy his style, I aspire to be a biter

You can't make us turn on him for prizes
Or bribe us
Check his power mayne
From his love you can't pry us
Not even with pliers, so please don't even try to
If loving him's a crime, then indict us (I gotta brag)


Brag on...
Brag-brag on my Lord(Go and brag on em Trip)(x4)

Go and brag on 'em Trip (x3)

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