Coward by WLAK, Alex Faith, Christon Gray

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WLAK - We Live As Kings by WLAK

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by WLAK, Alex Faith, Christon Gray

Album: WLAK - We Live As Kings

Verse 1: Alex Faith
Yo, staring at a picture of white Jesus
Hanging on the wall of my mom's house I grew up in
Too much controversy, change the subject
Nah, let me give you the context
Pistols and bomb threats, my boy got killed and I wonder if I'm next
This the type of question that can leave your mind vexed
The truck rolled over, but me and my sister living feeling like
I should've died is a different kind of feeling
So I see 50 diamonds in the ceiling
Where I come from we need a different kind of healing
You tell me what's appealing?
Noodles and grilled cheese
A middle finger to the world, hustle till ya get it
And I did it eagerly, a lot of people didn't
We all gotta find a way so get it how you live it
I know it ain't the answer it's just the way I see it
But dope boys and rappers is all that we ever seeing, yeah

Hook: Christon Gray
Somebody show me how to use this power
Somebody tell me am I king or coward?
All I can tell you is what I've been through
All I can show you is how I feel

Verse 2: Alex Faith
Feeling my heart, where do I start
Holding my dear son in my arms surrounded by death
My sister got a scar on her chest when do I turn hopeless
Even when I'm trying my best
I try to help cuz' I know my wife is depressed
But job loss over here got me feeling distressed
So I smile and tell everybody that I'm blessed
Even though I can't explain to you the weight that's on my chest
Tell me who do I run to
Cuz' everybody in my life is fake as they come dude
They don't ever come around
You want me to trust you
I know I've done a lot of things I can't undo
But, my little brother had a baby
Tell you all the things I've been thinking bout lately
Now bad things they don't ever really phase me
Crazy maybe welcome to my life in HD
And if everybody hates me
They don't hold a candle to as much as I hate me
You don't like what I say
You can stand in line, get a number, wait some time and come and debate me
Nothing you could really say could ever deflate me
I'm the definition of everything that deface means
But when you face me, face me, but show me grace please


I feel like the culprit, I sound like the bad guy
I may have to forfeit my crown for the last time


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