YHWH by WLAK, Swoope, Dre Murray

Song Lyrics

by WLAK, Swoope, Dre Murray

Album: More than Music, Vol. 1

Alpha, Omega, The Pioneer (2 times)

Yahweh is the
Running errything
I wonder how many times we gonna say
The word King on this album

Yahweh is the (King, king)
One and Only (King, king)
Running everything(King, king)
Yea we live as (Kings x2)
Yahweh is the (King, king)
One and Only (King, king)
Running errything

Verse 1: Dre Murray
You know how many humans try to claim this?
Talkin' like they brainless
That's rhetoric, that's heinous
There's only One Who's famous
Our King here is blameless
No Bron-Bron, No Michael
That bank account can't change this
You dumb-dumb, you psycho
HAHA! They say I'm loco cause I seen but I never seen Him
That livin' water got me floodin' boy I never seen Him
That's E.M., That's know why
He first place, that's no tie
I'm at your neck, that's bow tie
You want the crown? Boy don't try
That's futile, and you can't win
He heavyweight and you weigh thin
When you hit the throne with yo sin, tell me what you say then
See He's a Holy God, that detest evil
He abhors sin, but He loves people
You see the issue is not a book of lists
Without Yahweh, your sin still exists HAH!
And in His presence, that's a no-no
Everybody gotta time they gotta go though
And it's so low and it really dont matter if you ever sang a solo
If you honest it was probably just for promo, for your show though
But His brand's much stronger, peep the logos


Verse 2: Swoope
What? Come on homie, you know who it is
Oh you don't? Dag, homie let me clue you in
The Sovereign Ruler King, everything you view is His
Even that stuff you breathing, that breath He blew it in
Not Martin Luther Jr
Speaking about the one in which Martin Luther schooled us
Not Buddha or Confiscious
But the only One that didn't stay.. in the grave
Only King that's spelled without a little k
Never changing YHWH Only consonant, no vowels
Man what can you say?
Came down and rode with us, put a little flesh on
Still kept His holiness, Robe got that mesh on
Well lived, died, then rise in three
None on Earth can sit up in that sovereign seat
Man you lose yo shirt, tryna' fit his sovereignty
The Supreme Judge is, Supreme justice
Full of grace, sittin' outside a time, He just is
Supreme was, is, and also coming
On the clouds, trumpets blowing loud, yeah He stuntin'
Errbody watching, Global Paparazzi
Exercise his Will like he stole a role in Ali
Bossed up is what Jesus is Called us to be Kings for Him
All us believers here so I'm pleasing Him cause..


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