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Get Outta Here

Super Heavy Dreamscape by Blackball

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I don't mean to think out loud
But you're always trying to remake
me into who you'd like to be
Don't you ever get tired of hearin' the sound
of you own voice
I might have a long way to go
but I don't need you to tell me about it so

So tell me what could be less beautiful
than telling me about how wonderful you are
Why don't we get outta here
maybe we could go somewhere
that you don't have to be perfect
and I don't have to stand so far away

I need to know that you're ok
Just because you drive me crazy
doesn't mean that I don't care
I can't pretend that I'm somebody you'd like better
But if you feel like hanging out somewhere
we could just get outta here
Hey, don't you wanna get out of here?

You don't need to waste your time
Making lists of all my flaws so you can read them to me
I think I know them all by heart
that doesn't change anything
I'm not the kind to live in fear
I think I'll just get outta here

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Super Heavy Dreamscape