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The Mirror
Embers In Ashes

Killers & Thieves by Embers In Ashes

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I know you're full of questions
You wonder why I'd leave
The fact is that you left
But you like to say that is was me
You spew your words of venom
You speak your of your pain
I've bridged the gap between us
But you refuse to meet halfway
I don't believe that you mean the things you say
You know the truth it wasn't always this way
Just close your eyes and think back to the day
When I held you close and took away your pain

You sulk back in silence
It's how you mask the pain
You point your finger at everyone else and pass the blame
Your blinded by your anger
You hide away in shame
I've given everything and said all there is to say

I don't know why you always run away
You've walked this road before
It always ends the same

Look in the mirror
Inward lies the truth
Look in the mirror
Change starts with you

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Killers & Thieves
Embers In Ashes