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Let Go
LoveLike Violence

Lovelike Violence by LoveLike Violence

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If you're a misfit
And every minute
Just to fit in

You hide who you are
That you're different
A little twisted
Well honey lift it
Off your back
Because you are not alone
Not on your own
Tonight you are home

So let go
Let go
You are a powerline
Turn on the light
And come alive
Come alive

Like a haunted house
With a crooked mouth
You've got to stare it down
Show you're not afraid
Take your loaded round
Throw it on the ground
Tell it you're mine now
You are mine
And I am not alone
Not on your own
Tonight you are home

You can judge me all you want (repeat 7x)
But I'm taking this blindfold
Taking this blindfold off

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