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Ever Lifting
Christy Nockels

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Up on the heights, oh oh
You let me go, oh oh
You make my heart to rise from the depths below
You hold me up, oh oh
So I can see, oh oh
You're ever lifting me
You're ever lifting me
You're lifting my head so I know You're near me
You're lifting my eyes so I see You clearly
Where I belong
You are where I belong
I'm lifting my voice just to sing a new song
I'm lifting my hands just to show You I know where I belong
You're where I belong
You are ever lifting me
You are ever lifting me
You fill my heart to know, the length of Your great love
And where You go I'll go, You set my heart above
And nothing on earth compares, Oh God when I'm with You
You take me higher, You take me higher

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