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There Is A Name
Covenant Worship

Take Heart - Live by Covenant Worship

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There is a name that I love
There is a name that is higher
There is a name I can call and darkness flees
There is a name that is strong
There is name that is greater
There is a name that can set the captive free

Jesus, my heart sings worthy
Jesus, my soul cries holy
Jesus, no other name but
Jesus, my King forever

There is a name that brings peace
There is name that brings healing
There is name that can calm the raging sea
He is the Light of the world
He is the hope for the nations
He is the One and He lives
Oh He lives in me

Take everything, all of me
Every breath, let it be for You
Let it be for You
Be lifted high, glorified
Every song, let it rise to You
Let it rise to You

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Awesome song - guest / Apr 1, 2016

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Take Heart - Live
Covenant Worship