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What Mercy Did For Me
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I was hopeless, I knew I was lost
Death and darkness were my only songs
I needed someone to come rescue me
Then mercy heard my plea


Lord You found me, You healed me, You called me from the grave
You gave me a real love, I thank You Jesus, You washed my sins away
Oh now I'm living, like I'm forgiven, You came and set me free
That's what Your mercy did for me

You gave me beauty for my guilty stains
And now I'm living day to day by His grace
So excuse me if I can't contain my praise
'Cause I know that I've been saved

(Repeat Chorus)


Every morning mercy will restore me
I will proclaim
Even if the world may fall before me
I will proclaim

(Repeat Chorus)

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- Love this song - guest / Dec 20, 2018

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