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Ready or Not
Britt Nicole

The Remixes by Britt Nicole

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(Verse 1)
I tried to cover my shine
I've tried staying in the lines
I, I, I don't wanna hide
No not tonight

You, you, you want me to take my light
Fit it in your box right
I want you to look me in the eye eye eye

Ready or not
Here here here I come
I'm about to show you where the Light comes from
Oh oh ready or not here here I come
This is who I am I wont hide it
I'm a take it all over the world
To the young to the old every boy and girl

Ready or not here here I come
I'm a show the world where the love is.

Verse 2
I'm not ever selling out love
A love out loud is what it's all about
Giving everything to see the lost get found
Yeah, it's going down


Repeat Hook

[Rap] (LECRAE)
I refuse to keep this buried deep inside of me
Yeah this little light of mine, it's time to let it shine a bit
'Cause there's no point in hiding it
It's everything I am
The source of all my hope
And it's the reason why i stand

And I pledge allegiance to be somebody real
There's no more holding it back
I'm showing them how I feel cause love is more than a word
It's a noun, and a verb, and hiding it is absurd
Ya heard

Hook out

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