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What do I do, what do I do
What do I do, what do I do
Cause I'm just a man through and through
I'm not a king or priest or man of power
I'm a carpenter who toils the hours away

Then You came, then You came
And the shepherds and the angels sang
And they said that You would be the King
And I'm overwhelmed with everything right now

And it's overwhelming
How could this little boy
Save the whole world,
My son be the son of God?
And it's overwhelming

There's a sparkle in Your baby eyes
My God the King in human guise
And how can You be laying there
When someday you'll wipe the tears
From every eye?

He is the Son

So why am I the man You chose
To father Him who was foretold
Cause I don't know what I'm doing here
Can you help me God to put this fear away

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