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Dead Come To Life
Jonathan Thulin|Charmaine

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Verse 1:
I am the living dead, you are the opposite
We're like fire and ice only one can survive
My will's departed

Pre Chorus: Light is in your eyes reaching to mine
I am

A valley of bones covered in stone
Nothing more than human
Into the unknown body and soul
You're calling me cause only with you the
Dead come to life, dead come to life
Only with you the dead come to life,
Dead come to life

Verse 2:
I am a foreigner, caught in the crossfire
I am paralyzed by the battle cries can you
Hear it.

Pre Chorus:


Bridge: We are the dry and thirsty sand
Upon this dry and thirsty land
But you speak life into the flesh
Breathing air into the dead.

Song Comments

- Super catchy - mony / Jun 13, 2020

- This song is so powerful! - guest / May 26, 2020

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