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Fightback Soundtrack
We Are Leo, Rapture Ruckus

Fightback Soundtrack - The Remixes by We Are Leo

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This is the aftermath
of a broken world
called Planet Earth
And life, is a Love Story
On a battlefield
Where the lines get blurred

I'm standing on the edge of my Destiny
(I) Wanna fly, but I'm still waiting for wings
Hope pumps thru my veins

Life's feeling like a movie scene
You & me on the silver screen
Love will makes us brave

Fightback Soundtrack
like Cinema, woah oh
I dare you to keep dreaming
and Never stop believing

Just stop
cause i won't believe them lies
against the odds but we gotta try.
Let's rock
Fighting back till the fears erased
Colors of Hope in the open spaces
you know All of us,
gotta love that Ruckus
Can i get a little more bass?
All turnt up till the edge of space
Y'all know what we came here for
So Mr. DJ please take control
And play the soundtrack to my life
Light up the skies take back the night
'till the stars fall from the sky
i can see the fire burning in your eyes

Fightback Soundtrack
like Cinema woah oh
Head up Tonight
Cause True Love
Surrounds us
Fightback Soundtrack
4 Clarity, woah oh
I dare you to keep dreaming
and Never stop believing

And when the music fades to away,
When the colors all fade to gray
When we can't tell night from day
Will somebody ever come and take the rain away
I'm never gonna stop dreaming
Never leaving
'Till the day I stop breathing
Free wheeling, got a feeling
Gonna dance all night screaming
'Till I Blow a hole in the ceiling

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I love it! - guest / Feb 17, 2016

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Fightback Soundtrack - The Remixes
We Are Leo

Fightback Soundtrack
We Are Leo