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No More Pretending
Scott Krippayne

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I can look good when I want to
I know the right things to say
I cover up what I don't want you to see
But You see it anyway

Maybe I think I can fool You
Maybe I'm fooling myself
I want to change but I don't know how
And I need Your help

No more pretending
No more pretending
Lord, I know I need to tell You the truth tonight
Everything is not alright in my life
And I need You like never before
I don't want to pretend anymore

I'm tired of hiding my weakness
I'm tired of trying to look strong
I don't want to say that everything's fine
When there's so much that's wrong

Tell me again that You love me
Though it's more than my heart understands
And I will lay down my disguises
And show You who I am


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