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Theory of Self
Nomis, Joe Ayinde

Rhodes to Rome by Nomis

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yo i came up in this, rhyming on the school bus, we'd pull up
(then) head to class, when schools up, Blackstar would school us
my teacher she never taught me 'bout Mumia Jamal
albeit was all that I could see or recall, 'cause I was bleeding this call
to be this leader with gall, to speak for black folks and the church alike
that work could start, here just learn to work this mic
a work of art, fear came with my following, symbiotically
afraid my self expression would misconstrue my ideologies
apologies for deep seeded insecurities
its probably from these, peeps who killed whats pure in me
That teacher irresponsibly she told me I'm a lost cause
the thought of you falsely seeing me wrong, subconsciously I lock jaw'd
True story, (that) starts before my families new glory
bought a bigger house, but thats another tale, two stories
Now I move forward in euphoria, loosed warrior, proof?
renewed my mind, picked up the pen and slew four of you

Its Thomas Wayne meeting the Dark Knight, my son he made it
Iron will, becoming tony stark like, when my chest is plated
Went form show em god, to being Ill, to justice be the key
A peace has been instilled when he revealed, I'm all three of these
Divine bars of irony 3, is all deity
Full circle perspective, but the WHY's got new scenery
Identify with BDP, with Martin, Eric Dyson
But its all overshadowed by the horizon

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Rhodes to Rome