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Every Time

Vitals by Attaboy

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Catch me here, 'cause I don't wanna disappear
Any way I sort this out, the clarity is far from clear
Maybe running endlessly will only be the end of me
Catch my breath, and show me how to move from here
I'm ready for a change

Every time I get a little lost inside
Lost in the pain I'm feeling
Every time I forget about the sparks I find
You can ignite the healing
You're the hope reclaiming this life
Every time I get a little lost I find
You find me

Hesitate, this tendency to be afraid
Has always been a blinding night that keeps me from a lighted way
But every time I land in doubt, you're always there to lead me out
Realign, my heart I find in disarray
Is ready for a change

Hold on
Don't forget
This is not over yet

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