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Red Letter Hymnal

Coastal Kids by Red Letter Hymnal

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Verse 1 - There's a voice inside your mind got you thinking of the things you wanna leave behind but sin and guilt play and rewind but as far as the east is from the west our sin is removed and we're given rest covered in His love and righteousness.

Chorus: We are ashes ashes we all fall down, when you get lost look up to get found, cause we are ashes ashes we all fall down but then He picks us up from the ground.

Verse 2 - When they throw you on the ground and their picking up their stones just to bring you down and accusing voices have you bound yeah. One by one and two by two they'll be dropping the stones they'd throw at you when Jesus comes defending you. (Chorus)

Bridge: You say to go and sin no more and then You pick us off the floor. (Chorus)

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Coastal Kids
Red Letter Hymnal