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Breaking Out

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If only gravity couldn't keep me down
So I could go to any new place, to a new life
But these eyes have seen enough
These hands are broken, I can not feel you

It's my fault I gave my heart away
With the key I thought she'd be the one to stay here
Don't leave me astray

Cause You keep breaking me out of myself
I want to breathe it's all I need to fight for You
Cause You keep breaking me out of this cell
You're the hope I'm holding
I keep running after You

If only eyes could see this true beauty
So I could go where it leads me. To a new life
It's my fault I threw it all away
With these choices I made knowing I shouldn't stay here
No I shouldn't stay...
It's dark in this place
But I can see a light shine through
I can see a light; I can see Your love

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