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Wildfire - EP by Transform

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We heard the wind, we felt the flame, way back when we were young
We hear the ground, we see the sound, we know that You're not done
We want some more, we stomp the floor, we call for revolution
There's no more time to waste!

So won't you...

Light it up & spark a flame, come burn it up with Wildfire
Bring the heat, we're taking names, let's spread it out like Wildfire

When you play with fire, then it's bound to get "lit"

I can feel it the realist & you can't steal it, He sealed this & when it's "lit," kneeling praying that I take risks
Admittedly there's so much more I don't see in me and I'm trembling that the flames won't burn "experientially" *
YO - up in flames embers flying, like lava flow unifying, soul after soul we're trying, smoke signal identifying
Oh Holy Spirit embolden, to your bare arms I am holding, set me on fire, I know you got my back *
Whoa, won't stop drop and roll, won't put it out, because it's out of control
Whoa, feel the backdraft explode, like a cannon, global warming, in the city, let's go!
Whoa, it's for you & you & you, repair was broken as the tidal waves move
Whoa, it's for you & you it's lit, burn, glow, heat rise, mountaintop eyes fixed

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Wildfire - EP