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Still Breathing

Summer Sessions, Part 5 by Veridia

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I don't wanna hear that
Everything is okay
Cause it's not alright
I need a little time to find
Some peace of heart
Some peace of mind
All I know is we don't always get a
Happy ending
It's not about where we are right now
But where we're going

I'm still breathing
Blood is burning in my veins
I wanna feel the pain
You're still healing
Every moment, every day
Is a gift you gave
I can't believe I'm still breathing

I know that the sorrow
Will come back tomorrow
But I'm ready
Gonna be grateful
For everything that made me
Who I am today
Cause I know when it comes, when it goes
It'll make me stronger
When the good times come
It'll all be that much better

Turn the light off
Let the monsters come
I'm not gonna be afraid
Cause I know that I'm not alone
I've got giants on my side

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