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Clear Skies
Ernie Haase, Signature Sound

Clear Skies by Ernie Haase, Signature Sound

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Verse One:
Long are the nights when you're lonely
Tough are the days filled with pain
Sometimes this life gives you thunder
And then you get caught in the rain

Verse Two:
Take it from someone who's weathered
More than a couple of storms
There might be sadness around you
But joy will soon knock on your door

I see clear skies coming and it won't be long
I see sunshine after the clouds are all gone
You may be crying all night
But God's gonna send down a Heavenly light
I see clear skies coming and I know it won't be long

Verse Three:
So go on and laugh at the bad times
Some things are out of your hands
When life throws a lot of stuff at you
turn up the music and dance

(Repeat Chorus)

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Clear Skies
Ernie Haase, Signature Sound