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Get Away Jordan
Ernie Haase, Signature Sound

Get Away Jordan by Ernie Haase, Signature Sound

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Get away, get away, get away, get away

Get away (Jordan)
Get away (Jordan)
Get back (get back Jordan)
I wanna cross over to see my Lord
Get away (get away Jordan)
Get away (get away chilly Jordan)
Get back (get back, way back Jordan)
I wanna cross over to see my Lord

Well I promised the Lord if He set me free
I'd go until I find what the end may be
One day one day I was walking along
I know I heard a voice but I saw no one
The voice I heard sounded oh so sweet
Came down from my head to the soles of my feet


Well one of these mornings and it won't be long
You're gonna look for me child but I'll be gone
Just a few more risings and settings of the sun
All my battles be fought and my victories won
All the friends I used to love so dear
They've gone on to glory and left me here

When my feet get cold and my eyes are shut
Body's been chilled by the hand of death
My tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth
Hands lay folded across my breast
I won't have to worry 'bout the way I fare
God Almighty done told me He'd be right there
To lift me up on the wings of love
Carry my soul to Heaven above
Tell me Jordan's deep and wide
But I told Mom I'd meet her on the other side


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Get Away Jordan
Ernie Haase, Signature Sound