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If I Shout
Jason Crabb

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For anyone who's ever seen
The mountain of their sin just disappear
For anyone who's ever felt the hand of Heaven
Reach down through their fear and dry their tears

For any life once empty
That now finds itself alive and full of songs
Victory's songs
Then you'll understand the reason
For the way the saints of God may carry on

So if I shout, know I'm shouting
From a heart that's been washed clean
If I run, know I'm running
From a past that's been redeemed
To the world, it might look crazy
But there's just no telling what you're gonna do
In that moment Jesus gets a hold of you

For anyone who knows the hope
That keeps them moving on through troubled days
For anyone who knows they've got
A future and a hope beyond the grave

Every life's a different story
How He led us out of darkness into light
But there's no way to keep us silent
Every breath's another chance to testify, testify

Carry on now, my brothers
Carry on now, my sisters

When He gets hold of you

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