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Joseph Habedank

Resurrection by Joseph Habedank

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Locked up tight in a prison cell
For preaching the gospel truth
Paul and Silas loved to tell
About what their Lord could do
Bound in chains in a cold, dark dungeon
They sang anyway
And they knew God was up to something
When the ground began to shake

Sing, brother, sing
I can hear that rumbling sound
Pray, brother, pray
Till the walls come tumbling down
Shackles are broken
Doors swing wide open
Can't you feel the earthquake
Heaven's calling for a jailbreak

I know the joy of living free
But I've been held captive too
I refuse to be deceived
Cause I've learned just what I do
I lift my voice and raise my hands
To praise Him anyway
Those saints of old help pull me through
As Paul and Silas say

Ground shakes
Saints praise

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Love this song. - guest / Aug 28, 2018

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