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Just When You Thought
Joseph Habedank

Resurrection by Joseph Habedank

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For every prodigal who's thrown their whole life away
Feeling completely unworthy to mention His name
For every soul that's been shattered by choices you've made
The Father still hears every prayer that a broken heart prays

Just when you thought you could somehow outrun Him
You're chased down by mercy as He proves there's nothing
That His blood can't cover
And His arms can't reach to redeem
Just when you thought you exhausted His kindness
His gentle compassion pulls you out of hiding
Just when you thought that His grace somehow reached the end
You find you're forgiven again

It's so amazing how He will move heaven and earth
To reach through the darkness,
the shame, the heartache, and hurt
And we find out again there is nothing the Savior loves more
Than seeing surrender, so He can renew and restore

He wants you, you're never too far
He'll meet you right where you are
Sodon't be afraid, don't turn away
From His love

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Beautiful Annointed song! - guest / Jun 2, 2020

Powerful message ! - guest / Dec 17, 2019

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