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He Laid His Hand On Me
Lauren Talley

Lauren Talley by Lauren Talley

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well he picked up dust
and he threw it forth
and he made a man that can walk
and an eagle that could fly
he said bring forth the light
and said let it be
and he made a starry, starry night
he made the raging sea
and one day when i was walkin all alone
he laid his hand on me

well he wrote the song
that the songbirds sing
and he made the earth spin around the sun
aint that the coolest thing
he created a fish
that could swim upstream
and he made some little tiny wings
for the big old bumble bee
and one day when i was walkin all alone
he laid his hand on me

words cannot tell it
cause its better felt than told
the change he made in my life
when he reached down for my soul
and if you hear the message
from the man himself
you wont have to hear it
from anybody else

he gave me light said to let the thing shine
he gave me a bell he said to ring it a song
he said to keep it and its with me all the time
he gave me a hope that would see me though
and all the troubles that i have down here
and everything that makes me move
was one day when i was walkin all alone
and he laid his hand on me

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Lauren Talley
Lauren Talley