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Living In The Palace
Legacy Five

A Wonderful Life by Legacy Five

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Vs 1
She wasn't on the guest list, she didn't come to eat
She only came to worship, at the Savior's feet
Her tears and her perfume, were all she had to give
Desperate for forgiveness, for the life that she had lived
They said she wasn't worthy
Girls like her were not allowed
She found the love of Jesus
And you should see her now

Living in the palace, dining with the King
Joining the angels as they sing
"Holy Is Our God"
Walking with the Lion and the Lamb
By the tree of life in the Promised Land
Living in the palace, dining with the King

Vs 2
Lazarus was a beggar, living on the street
Miserable and hungry, rejected and diseased
Longing for the crumbs, that a rich man threw away
Relying on God's mercy, to get him through each day
Oh but, Jesus loves the faithful
Even when they're down and out
He sent the angels down for Lazarus
And you should see him now

I found His forgiveness
Broken on my knees
Now I'm standing on His promises
And one day I will be

Living in the palace, dining with the King
Living in the palace, dining with the King

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