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Just Pay Attention
Mark Bishop

Just Pay Attention by Mark Bishop

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She remembers when he first proposed
on a bended knee, a ring and rose,
On a summer day, warm and breezy.
But when he came to visit yesterday,
and she couldn't remember his first name
after fifty years...well, that ain't easy.

So he went to the window and raised the blinds.
Talked to her like the very first time he ever met her.
Because he didn't want to scare her.
Sat all night in the corner chair.
Rain or shine, he was always there.
And on the good days...well, she remembered.

And he smiled with her
And he laughed with her.
He cried with he held on to her.
Well if you want to see...the great love of God..
Just pay attention

Though the children live so far away
they came for a visit yesterday,
And in the little room...
there was sunshine.
She smiled and said "I still remember...
when it snowed that one December on Christmas day...
we stood and watched you play."

And they smiled with her.
And they laughed with her.
They cried with they held onto her.
Well if you want to see..the great love of God...
Just pay attention.


There were so many memories,
too many to keep track.
Now all the love she had to give,
They just want to give some back.

So they smiled with her...
talked and laughed with her.
Sometimes they cried with they held onto her.
Well if you want to see...the great love of God
Just pay attention

Song Comments

Absolutely love this- beautiful sense of true love of many years - reminds me of people saying the longer you are together as a couple the more you live eachother - i am lucky to be living this - guest / Apr 8, 2018

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Just Pay Attention
Mark Bishop