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Somebody Did Some Praying for Me
Mike Bowling

All That I Am by Mike Bowling

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Verse 1:
Drifting along on the sea of life, no hope, no destination.
Carried about my the raging tide of failure and rustration.
But right out of nowhere, right to my heart, something turned me around and gave me a new start.
The only thing I can figure or see, somebody did some praying for me.

Eary in the morning, late at nigt.
Somebody must have been in a terrible fight.
Wrestling with the devil for my lost soul.
Thank God they never gave up or let go.
I may never get to shake their hand 'til I get through the gate of the promised land.
It sure changed my eternity when somebody did some praying for me.

Verse 2:
I've often wondered who it was that cared for my condition; took me to the throne of God and made me their petition.
A prayer went p. I went down to my knees. I called on the Lord and He called out to me.
Who it was, I can't wait to see.
They sure touched Heaven for me.

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