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Faithful One
The Booth Brothers

Room For More by The Booth Brothers

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Iíve lived it, Iíve seen it, I know that itís true
The dawning of each day His mercies are new
Heís good to His children you can trust in that
Weíre never forsaken, facts are facts

Heíll always do what Heís always done
Heís the faithful One
Weíre in His care whatever comes
Heís the faithful One
Protector, Provider, Sustainer, Godís Son
Iím standing on His promises
Heís the faithful One

Youíve got your story the grace that youíve known
Been put down mistreated but never alone
Youíve tried Him and Heís proven time and again
Gotta lifetime of reasons to keeping trusting Him

Always constant, always kind.
Always gracious all the time
Always constant, always kind
Always loving true friend of mine

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Room For More
The Booth Brothers