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He Saw It All
The Booth Brothers

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I was working in town one afternoon
Attending some business affairs
I heard a commotion a couple streets over
And wondered. “What’s happenin’ there”
A young man was running from in that direction
And stopped just to catch his breath
I asked him to please tell me what was the hurry
He smiled up at me and he said.
I was trying to catch the crippled man
Did he run past this way?
He was rushing home to tell everyone
What Jesus did today
And the mute man was telling myself and the deaf girl
He’s leaving to answer God’s call
It’s hard to believe but if you don’t trust me
Ask the blind man, he saw it all
Ask the blind man, he saw it all
My friend if the troubles and burdens you carry
Are heavy and dragging you down
And you’ve tried everything you can possibly think of
But there’s not relief to be found
That very same Jesus that altered the future
Of the blind man the deaf and the lame
Is still reaching out in your hour of trouble
One touch and you’re never the same.

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