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Pray Anyway
The Bowling Family

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Verse One:
You've been hurt enough
You don't know who to trust
And you've learned to hide the truth behind your smile
You may have lost your faith
Somewhere along the way
You try so hard but wonder if it's all worthwhile
But God hears you even when you don't know what to say

Pray anyway
Pray anyway
Cause He sees all your scars and He loves you as you are
You gotta just pray anyway

Verse Two:
You're feelin so ashamed
With only you to blame
How could God forgive the things that you have done
But He says come to me
I'll give you joy and peace
And I know you feel like you're not good enough
You feel unlovable, unworthy and afraid

But pray anyway
Pray anyway
When you're broken inside
And you've been stripped of your pride
You gotta just pray anyway

He's bigger than the mountain or the problem you face
There's nothing He can't handle when its covered by grace

Pray anyway
Pray anyway
When you've nothing to give
Don't have a reason to live
You gotta just pray anyway

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