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Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?
The Nelons

Come On Home by The Nelons

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I was racing through the airport to make an early flight;
I wanted to get home to see my children and my wife.
I rushed around the corner – an apple stand was there,
Until I knocked it over. The fruit went everywhere!

At first I kept on going – I just couldn't miss that plane –
I looked over my shoulder, not stopping to explain –
A girl was down there on her knees - groping 'round to find,
The apples scattered on the floor – then I saw the girl was blind .

As my plane was leaving, I stopped to lend a hand.
I picked up all the apples, restored the apple stand;
To replace the bruised and broken, in her fingers pressed some bills
As I hugged her narrow shoulders, she reached to hold me still…
And said…

Excuse me, are you Jesus?
Is that why you were so kind?
Excuse me, are you Jesus
To have had me on your mind?
You picked up all the pieces,
The bruised and broken parts;
You put me back in business;
You were Jesus to my heart…

Once I was bruised and broken, blind and groping on my way,
When Someone stopped to help me, paid the damage, made me say…

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Come On Home
The Nelons