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If You Knew Him
The Perrys

Almost Morning by The Perrys

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Verse 1
I walked by the tomb of Buddha, looked inside and saw his bones
Traveled on to see Mohammed still wrapped up in his graveclothes
Then I journeyed to a garden where old Joseph left Him lay
The precious Lamb, God's own begotten was no longer in the grave

If you knew Him like I know Him, you would know that He's alive
If you felt Him like I feel Him, resurrection deep inside
You'd know He's living and death has died

Verse 2
If you're wandering the darkness, come and step into the light
Nail scarred hands reach out to help you, to pull you safe from death to life
Friends, I too have stood where you stand, should I trust in sights unseen
Just one step in His direction, then in love He ran to me

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A true testimony that Jesus is alive unlike all others who claimed to be Him. I just love the song - guest / Nov 11, 2018

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Almost Morning
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