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Apollo LTD

NOW! - Apollo LTD

Rulers - Single (2020)

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Song Artist

Apollo LTD
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Song Album

Rulers - Single
Apollo LTD

Residence Music (2020)

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Apollo LTD - "NOW" (Official Audio)

May 2020

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Song Lyrics

Apollo LTD

Rulers - Single (2020)

Welcome to a moment that will never be repeated
I know you know it, I'm just making sure you see it
We're always tryn-a move ahead so fast
Can't see the present til it flies right past

Overthinking's got a funny way of stealing
All the colors that you really should be seeing
I know it doesn't always feel that way
But look around, you'll see it's all OK

Right now
Right now

(We gotta let it all play out)

Somebody told me
Take it slowly
Even if the sun goes down
The stars come out
We live in the now

Why the worry?
Such a hurry?
I know in the end somehow
It all works out
So live in the now

Welcome to a moment that took all your life to happen
You see it start to slip away until you grab it
I did the math, you only get one chance
Don't want to miss it while I'm making my plans

A roller coaster ride but nothing's accidental
I've seen the rise and fall and call it providential
Ain't gonna argue with the give and take
All I want it to be wide awake

(We gotta let it all play out)

Life is moving along so fast
Look ahead and you'll see right past it
Set your mind right and make it last
Life is moving ahead so fast
Right now

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Apollo LTD

Rulers - Single (2020)


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Apollo LTD

Rulers - Single (2020)