1971-1973 by Ralph Stanley, The Clinch Mountain Boys

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by Ralph Stanley, The Clinch Mountain Boys

Year: 2005
Label: Rebel Records

 Disc 1
1. I Am the Man, Thomas (add lyrics)
2. Take Your Shoes Off, Moses (add lyrics)
3. Death Is Only a Dream (add lyrics)
4. Brand New Tennessee Waltz (add lyrics)
5. Two Coats (add lyrics)
6. Bright Morning Star (add lyrics)
7. Come On Little Children (add lyrics)
8. The Prettiest Flowers Will Be Blooming (add lyrics)
9. Cry From the Cross (add lyrics)
10. Step Out Into the Sunshine (add lyrics)
11. You're Drifting On (add lyrics)
12. Gloryland (add lyrics)
13. Stairway to Heaven (add lyrics)
14. Will He Wait a Little Longer (add lyrics)
15. Sinner Man (add lyrics)
16. Shotgun Slade (add lyrics)
17. Old-Time Pickin' (add lyrics)
18. I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers (add lyrics)
 Disc 2
1. John Henry (add lyrics)
2. Pretty Little Indian (add lyrics)
3. Little Birdie (add lyrics)
4. Cripple Creek (add lyrics)
5. East Virginia Blues (add lyrics)
6. Little Glass of Wine (add lyrics)
7. Somebody Touched Me (add lyrics)
8. Sally Goodin' (add lyrics)
9. Working On a Building (add lyrics)
10. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (add lyrics)
11. Bound To Ride (add lyrics)
12. Mississippi Sawyer (add lyrics)
13. Goin' To Georgia (add lyrics)
14. All the Love I Had Is Gone (add lyrics)
15. Will You Miss Me? (add lyrics)
16. Katy Daly (add lyrics)
17. A Little Boy Called Joe (add lyrics)
18. Six More Miles (add lyrics)
19. Cluck Old Hen (add lyrics)
20. That Lonesome Old Song (add lyrics)
 Disc 3
1. Man of Constant Sorrow (add lyrics)
2. Pretty Polly (add lyrics)
3. Maple On the Hill (add lyrics)
4. Clinch Mountain Backstep (add lyrics)
5. Lisa's Joy (add lyrics)
6. Don't Ask Me Why (add lyrics)
7. All I Ever Loved Was You (add lyrics)
8. God Gave You To Me (add lyrics)
9. Little Maggie (add lyrics)
10. Flood of '57 (add lyrics)
11. Old Country Church (add lyrics)
12. When I Get Home (add lyrics)
13. These Men of God (add lyrics)
14. My Lord's Been a Walking (add lyrics)
15. Green Pastures In the Sky (add lyrics)
16. Give Me the Roses Now (add lyrics)
17. Honey In the Rock (add lyrics)
18. Hide Me Rock of Ages (add lyrics)
19. 10,000 Angels (add lyrics)
20. Standing By the River (add lyrics)
21. Village Church Yard (add lyrics)
22. I Hold a Clear Title (add lyrics)
23. Bill Cheatum (add lyrics)
24. On and On (add lyrics)
25. What About You (add lyrics)
26. Gonna Paint the Town (add lyrics)
27. I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home (add lyrics)
28. Who Will Sing For Me (add lyrics)
 Disc 4
1. Love Me Darling, Just Tonight (add lyrics)
2. Poison Love (add lyrics)
3. Ridin' That Midnight Train (add lyrics)
4. Loving You Too Well (add lyrics)
5. Nobody's Love Is Like Mine (add lyrics)
6. Cumberland Gap (add lyrics)
7. Shout Little Lulie (add lyrics)
8. Rocky Island (add lyrics)
9. Old-Time Pickin' (Alternate Version) (add lyrics)
10. John Henry (Alternate Version) (add lyrics)
11. Little Birdie (Alternate Version) (add lyrics)
12. Bound To Ride (Alternate Version) (add lyrics)
13. Lonesome River (add lyrics)
14. The Fields Have Turned Brown (add lyrics)
15. Hard Times (add lyrics)
16. Train 45 (add lyrics)
17. Gold Watch and Chain (add lyrics)
18. You Know I'll Be Lonesome (add lyrics)
19. The Orphan Girl (add lyrics)
20. I'm Going That Way (add lyrics)
21. Brighter Mansion (add lyrics)
22. Who Is That? (add lyrics)
23. Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures (add lyrics)
24. I Wanna Make Heaven My Home (add lyrics)
25. Rank Strangers (add lyrics)
26. Angel Band
27. I Want To Preach the Gospel (add lyrics)
28. Dark and Thorny Is the Desert (add lyrics)
29. Great High Mountain (add lyrics)
30. A Rose Among the Thorns (add lyrics)

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