At Home and Church, 1962 - 1967 by Rev. Gary Davis

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At Home and Church, 1962 - 1967
by Rev. Gary Davis

Year: 2011
Label: Stefan Grossmans

 Disc 1
1. Twelve Sticks (add lyrics)
2. Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From (add lyrics)
3. Babylon Is Falling (add lyrics)
4. What Could I Do (add lyrics)
5. Children of Zion (add lyrics)
6. Hesitation Blues (add lyrics)
7. Candyman (on 5 String Banjo) (add lyrics)
8. Steal Away and Pray (add lyrics)
9. Goin' to Chattanooga (add lyrics)
10. Packing Up, Get Ready to Go (add lyrics)
11. Untitled (add lyrics)
12. You Cry Because I'm Leaving (add lyrics)
13. Don't Let My Baby Catch You Here (add lyrics)
14. Lord Let Me Live Longer (add lyrics)
15. I Want to Be Saved (add lyrics)
16. Waltz Time Candyman (add lyrics)
17. Little Boy Who Made Your Britches (add lyrics)
18. Rev. Gary Davis talks about verses (not sung) (add lyrics)
19. C Rag (add lyrics)
20. Two Step Candyman (add lyrics)
 Disc 2
1. Piece Without Words (add lyrics)
2. Lord Search My Heart (add lyrics)
3. Slippin' to My Gal Comes in Partner (add lyrics)
4. Sun is Going Down (add lyrics)
5. Raise a Ruckus Tonight (add lyrics)
6. Save Up Your Money, John D. Rockefeller / Put the Panic on (add lyrics)
7. Soon My Work Will All Be Done (add lyrics)
8. You're Gonna Need King Jesus (add lyrics)
9. I'm Going Back to Jesus (add lyrics)
10. Blues in C (add lyrics)
11. Saddle It Around (add lyrics)
12. People Who Use to See (add lyrics)
13. Italian Rag (add lyrics)
14. Candyman (add lyrics)
15. Nobody Don't Care for Me (add lyrics)
16. Fox Chase (add lyrics)
17. Talk on Blind Boy Fuller (add lyrics)
 Disc 3
1. Amazing Grace (add lyrics)
2. Sermon (I) (add lyrics)
3. I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord (add lyrics)
4. Sermon (II) (add lyrics)
5. Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin' on (add lyrics)
6. Steal Away (add lyrics)
7. Can't Make This Journey By Myself (add lyrics)
8. Sermon (III) (add lyrics)
9. I Will Overcome Someday (add lyrics)
10. God Be With You (add lyrics)
11. I Got Religion I'm So Glad (From the Mariposa Folk Festival) (add lyrics)
12. I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord (From the Mariposa Folk Festival) (add lyrics)

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