40th Anniversary Reunion - Live by The Kingsmen

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40th Anniversary Reunion - Live
by The Kingsmen

Year: 2020
Label: Horizon Records

1. Introduction by Eldridge Fox (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
2. I Will Meet You In the Morning (add lyrics)
3. Daddy Sang Bass (add lyrics)
4. Eldridge Fox Introduces Frank Cutshaw (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
5. Closer To Thee (add lyrics)
6. Eldridge Fox Introduces Jim Hamill & Ray Dean Reese, Jim Hamill Introduces John Parrack (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
7. Just As the Sun Went Down (add lyrics)
8. Fa Sol La Song (add lyrics)
9. Jim Hamill Introduces Eddie Trent & Bob Conley (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
10. Gone (add lyrics)
11. Jesus I Love You (add lyrics)
12. Love WIll Roll the Clouds Away (add lyrics)
13. Old Time Christian (add lyrics)
14. Glory Road (add lyrics)
15. Look For Me At Jesus Feet
16. Jim Hamill Shares (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
17. Love Lifted Me (add lyrics)
18. When I Wake Up (add lyrics)
19. Eldridge Fox Introduces Squire Parsons & Gary Dillard (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
20. It Made News In Heaven (add lyrics)
21. Hello Mama (add lyrics)
22. I Can't Even Walk (add lyrics)
23. Eldridge Fox Introduces Anthony Burger (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
24. On Some Sweet Day (add lyrics)
25. I've Made a Covenant With My Lord (add lyrics)
26. Don't Be Knocking
27. Jim Hamill Introduces Ernie Phillips (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
28. When They Call My Name (add lyrics)
29. Jim Hamill Introduces It'll Be Different (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
30. It'll Be Different (add lyrics)
31. Lovely Name of Jesus (add lyrics)
32. We Do Not Die (add lyrics)
33. Jim Hamill Introduces Mark Trammell (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
34. Shake Hands With a Poor Boy (add lyrics)
35. Excuses
36. Beautiful Home (add lyrics)
37. Jim Hamill Introduces Wayne Maynard (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
38. Child Child (add lyrics)
39. Saints Will Rise (add lyrics)
40. Jim Hamill Introduces Garry Sheppard & Arthur Rice (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
41. When Mama Prayed (add lyrics)
42. A Place Where the Hungry Are Fed (add lyrics)
43. Go and Tell Somebody (add lyrics)
44. Jim Hamill Introduces He's All I Need (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
45. He's All I Need (add lyrics)
46. Jim Hamill Introduces Randy Miller (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
47. Life's Railway To Heaven (add lyrics)
48. Jim Hamill Introduces Parker Jonathan, Chris Collins, Randy Matthews, Rory Rigdon, Tim Surrett & Greg Fox (Dialogue) (add lyrics)
49. Cross Has Won Again (add lyrics)
50. Ridin' High (add lyrics)

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