Breathe In, Breathe Out by 116 Clique, Lecrae

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Breathe In, Breathe Out
by 116 Clique, Lecrae

Album: The Compilation Album
by 116 Clique, Lecrae

(feat. Lecrae)

Now Clap It Up, Clap It Up Clap It Up Now
Now Clap It Up, Clap It Up Clap It Up Now
Now Clap It Up, Clap It Up Clap It Up Now
Now Clap It Up, Clap It Up Clap It Up Now

Breathe In
Take it in slow, let it work up in your soul
Take ya time and let it grow before you blow
Breathe Out
Let 'em know what you about from the words in your mouth
To the way you live it out no doubt

(Verse One)
Don't rock don't pop don't drop don't move
Just listen real close to what I'm trying to tell you
Its probably something different than what your used to
So let me break it down so the truth don't miss you
I learned a little bible was ready to take off
Armed with the truth but dropped the grace off
When everybody see me they ready to break off
I said to myself "Oh well, it's they loss"
Breathe In
But wouldn't take the word in slow
Lost the context that I heard before
Wouldn't meditate on the word I just go
Forget a commentary I got to save souls
They say wisdom is better than silver and gold
But I skipped that verse and I hit the door
Man they couldn't tell me nothing
Thought that I was on to something
And I was running all directions
Just a brother trying to gun it


(Verse Two)
I was telling folks I know the spirit got my back
But I never picked the word up and read the facts
It was on now, I was in the zone now
Jesus had twelve well I was on my own now
People leave me alone now
Bout to get it gone now
But I fell flat upon my face I'm all alone now
Didn't have the truth in my sling
I was just trying to wing it
If it sound good I'm gonna say I'm gonna mean it
If its in the bible thats cool, I believe it
But I ain't really study so I couldn't really see it
See man you got to believe man
Now I breathe in, breathing out is so easy


(Verse Three)
Last verse but I got a lot more to say
Got a partner named Jay from around the way
Breathe out all day but he wouldn't breathe in
He give the seed out but he wouldn't read man
And he told me theology was for them birds
And he really didn't need it when he read the word
Look left, Look right for a sign from God
But he didn't know the word was inspired by God
Telling people bout a couple funny things he heard
But the things that he heard they ain't match the word
If they don't match the word well they ain't true
Cause the bible is the final say on the things we do
I said Jay now, I understand how you feel
Man I love your zeal but you probably want to chill
He said Crae now, you can read all day
But I'm just a little different man that ain't my way
So I told him, how the word of God was true
How Paul was a Jew who would use the truth
of the Old Testament to make things clear
Thank God that day Jay turned an ear
Now he reading, reading, and reading the word
And his life look like what he see in the word
Matter of fact he don't ever want to leave the word
I'm trying to tell y'all that boy breathe the word!


Now check this out y'all
I want y'all to keep it holy man
I know this beat sounds like one of them beats
That make you want to do something
You ain't got no business doing
You know what I'm saying, check it out
But lets try something a little different
Let me see

Do the once was blind but now I see
Do the once was blind but now I see
Do the once was blind but now I see
Do the once was blind but now I see

Do the hot, hot, hot, hot in the church
Do the hot, hot, hot, hot in the church
Do the hot, hot, hot, hot in the church
Do the hot, hot, hot, hot in the church

Now Clap it up, Clap it up, Clap it up now
Now Clap it up, Clap it up, Clap it up now
Now Clap it up, Clap it up, Clap it up now
Now Clap it up, Clap it up, Clap it up now

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