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13 Letters by 116 Clique

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Dig In
by 116 Clique, Trip Lee, Tedashii

Album: 13 Letters
by 116 Clique, Trip Lee, Tedashii

Yes sir, everyday got to jump in the text
'Cause He's the better way, yeah, the Son is the best
That trash: I'll pass on the pump and the vest
Got the sword of the Spirit, I run to the text
I run to the best answer for every question
It's got every teaching, every lesson,
That we could ever need for reppin'
Jesus, yes sir, He's a blessing
We got to read His Holy Word
To deny this bible's so absurd
I deny my pride, and God is first
So I got to dive inside His Word
What other way could we know how to live this thing?
It's inspired by the Spirit, man
So listen man, the very Word of God is in the scriptures, man
We got to see its God breathed, and it's His will for all creeds,
All races, all nations, Genesis to Revelation
So get up in it if you want to know
His will revealed through the Son and more
It's real, but you'll feel dumb to go
Without it as a Saint it will stunt your growth
But bro you supposed to grow much closer
To Jehovah bro He wrote you
All we need to grow as soldiers
And show other folks, we 'posed to
So grab your pen, pencil, highlighter, and your commentary
And dig deep in the scriptures, Jesus with us He can carry

Bible, check; spiral, check, highlighter check
Now dig (dig in it), dig (dig in it)
You want to know Him? Got to dig (dig) dig (in)
You want to know Him? Got to dig (dig) dig (in)

Verse 2:
Where all my cats who know the bible's solid?
Grinding off in bible college, getting it in with Psalms and Prophets
Becoming urban bible scholars
Yearning, learning all the knowledge
Then putting it to use now that you got it
We need it, must read it, Jesus He is pleased with solid doctrine
Where all my cats who get up in the Word and love it?
Not just when they be up in the church in public
But in private they dive in, it be on they mind, they be thinking of it
We need that, read that, see that Jesus gets the glory He deserves
And the only way we can know His ways is if we stay up in His Word
He inspired it through writers they was carried along
The Spirit inspired the bible so all its merit is strong
Yes sir He breathed it Theopneustos
So if you trying to move close
Then get it, live it, give it to some faithful men that you know
Hope your passion is real passionate
Everybody in the faith got to master this
He ain't just write the Bible for the Pastor kid
So how we all gon' slack with it?
We got to get up in it heavy and be ready to live it out
This is for my Christians in it trying to figure scripture out

Verse 3:
It may seem hard to understand at times
But depend on the Lord He handed down
Scriptures pointing to Himself don't just try to stack knowledge to cram in your mind
It ain't about knowledge you stack or all the doctrine you pack
Inside your mind man God's design was not just for you to find the facts
Don't be like them Pharisees, man they knew the scripture good
But from the looks of things apparently they ain't know all that they should
The Jews was searching the scriptures looking for life, the eternal kind
But for certain they was missing Christ John 5, verse 39
But don't get twisted man they intentions was great
But they was missing the faith, they had it twisted mistake
So get up in them right, they a witness of the Christ
Search it learn it then stick it in your life
Listen to the Christ's works and person
And perfect is a description of Him right?
Then pass it along to some faithful dudes
So cats will get strong and convey the truth
To others we love to discover truth and pass to our other brothers
Did I st-stutter? We got to follow Christ and His Father and the Spirit inside us guides us in the Word that's the model

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